NHS whistleblower forced out of town after death threats

The campaigner who exposed the Stafford Hospital scandal is being forced to leave the town after repeated death threats, abuse and the desecration of her mother’s grave

by The Commentator on 28 May 2013 11:32


The woman who revealed the shocking neglect and appalling standards of care at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust is reported to be leaving her town following death threats and abuse.

Julie Bailey, who formed the Cure the NHS campaign and pushed for a public inquiry into death rates at Stafford Hospital following her mother's death has said that sections of the community have turned against her.

She has reported numerous threatening letters, telephone calls and vandalism to her mother’s grave.

The Express and Star reported that one caller told her they hoped "she dies on the way to hospital" and she received a card "thanking" her for her “hard work in closing Stafford Hospital”. The card, which has been passed to police, reportedly read: “Thank you for closing Stafford hospital, Ha, Ha, Ha, you better now spend more time watching your mother’s grave.”

Miss Bailey runs a local cafe in Stafford and told local reporters: “People have been coming into the cafe shouting that nothing happened at Mid Staffordshire, that I am lying and that there were no unnecessary deaths.”

She added: “My cafe is in ruins. It is taking in about £40 or £50 a day. They are boycotting me. I will be gone by the end of the summer. I can’t stay here any longer.”

Miss Bailey has been subject to abuse since exposing the scandal.

The West Midlands Ambulance Service is reported to have sacked one paramedic, Murph Guest, after he stated on Facebook that he hoped Miss Bailey would suffer “a life-threatening illness”.

Guest, who was suspended from his duties following the allegations, has now been referred to the Health and Care Professions Council on charges of serious professional misconduct and could be struck off.

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