The completely rational reaction to a flag...

An Israeli flag was flown at the UEFA Champions League Final, a few tweeters found the whole thing a bit too much to handle

by Media Hawk on 29 May 2013 16:56

This one comes to me from the IsraellyCool website, which has a similar blog post from a similar incident from last year also.

It was interesting to note some of the bizarre reactions that a flag can cause, and some of the vile hatred that people spew as a result of it.

Here's the Israeli flag being waved at the Champions League Final last Saturday (right) and below are some of the choice reactions from Twitter users. 

No doubt they're all fine, upstanding individuals!

[WARNING: Naughty language!]

Some cock is waving an Israel flag in the crowd.. Burning my eyes #championsleaguefinal

— Saqi. (@saqib_shehzad) May 25, 2013


Fuck israel flag over there. Ribery cant focus though lol

— Denny 1/2 Wilshere (@DannyCarrol) May 25, 2013


I liked Dortmund fans until I seen an Israel flag being waved around. Scum.

— Ryaaaan (@RyaanTaylorr) May 25, 2013


I didn’t see slank or oi flag, how’s lucky :( RT @de_ka_: i saw that fucking flag too RT @footy_booties: Anyone noticed the ISRAELI flag in

— Fajar Irwansyah (@jardsky) May 25, 2013


Israel flag? fuck..

— The Last FUFU Bender (@gTownPsycho_) May 25, 2013


@londonmuslim to hell the israeli man with the flag

— Shaheed saloojee (@ShaheedSaloojee) May 25, 2013


Well atleast that prick with the Israel flag fucked off

— Komodo Dragon(@Morocan_Montana) May 25, 2013


Dortmund fans shouldn’t have waved the Israeli flag

— kenny (@Farcotti) May 25, 2013


Anyone else seeing this moron sitting in the fan block of Dortmund and waving an Israel flag? Another reason to hate them :D#Palestine

— Jenny (@jennzyche) May 25, 2013


Seeing the Israeli flag at a Bayern – Dortmund final …. You’re in the wrong place mother fucker

— Jake Keston (@KesmoLad) May 25, 2013


The stupid blue white flag made Frank Ribery cannot concentrate for the game. #Dortmund #BayerMunich #FreePalestine

— wafaa hapiz (@wafahapiz) May 25, 2013


Hope someone throws the Dortmund fan with Israel flag out the stadium. Such rude indoctrination and highly annoying behavior #sport1 #dorbay

— Steven (@jadehare) May 25, 2013


@ayy7ubi Bayern are a Jewish team formed by zionists tho.

— Shamsul (@Shamsul__) May 25, 2013


Dortmund have an israili flag, therefore I hate dortmund x

— neb(@The_Ben_Findlay) May 25, 2013


If we didn’t like Dortmund fans enough, they have an Israeli flag amongst their travelling contingent

— Daniel Jacobs (@DanielJacobs311) May 25, 2013


Who sees that scummy Dortmund fan holding up an Israel flag

— SaidulIslam(@Saidul08) May 25, 2013


Soo much racism in the final! With Israeli fan waving his flag!!

— Sami Rehman (@SamiRehman989) May 25, 2013


As much as I liked Dortmund and wanted them to win but seeing that Israeli flag in da crowd glad dem fuvking Jews lost !! #FreePalestine

— TAUHEED (@tauheedlfc) May 25, 2013


Dortmund got punished for waving the Israeli flag. #ImJustSaying

— Hawa Bakari(@BacaryGirl) May 25, 2013


Some cunt in the crowd had an Israel flag

— Darragh (@DarzyMorley) May 25, 2013

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