Canada bans nearly all Iranian imports

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today announced further sweeping sanctions on Iran goods, individuals and groups

by The Commentator on 29 May 2013 21:59


Pressure on Tehran continues to mount as it was announced today that Canada is set to ban nearly all exports to, and imports from Iran.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said today that Canada has grave concerns over Iran's nuclear program and will add another 30 individuals and 82 entities to an economic blacklist.

Baird says Iran has produced nothing but "false promises and empty gestures" about its nuclear program.

The U.S., Canada, Britain and other allies fear that Iran is moving toward development of a nuclear weapon. Iran denies any interest in nuclear arms.

The latest round of sanctions comes after talks between Iran and the United Nations Security Council, as well as Germany, failed to reach an agreement.

Canada shut its embassy in Tehran last September and ordered Iranian diplomats to leave, accusing the Islamic Republic of being the most significant threat to world peace.

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