The Guardian has opened a coffee shop. No, it's not a joke.

Wanting a steaming cup to go with their steaming journalism? Well now you've got a place to go, London...

by Media Hawk on 30 May 2013 10:25

Deep in the murky, hipster-ridden depths of London's Shoreditch emerges a new beast dedicated to bringing you bitter, overheated arguments, alongside its bitter, overheated journalism (H/T MediaGuido).

Yes, The Guardian, not content with serving up unpalatable drivel on the pages of its newspaper or website, has decided to serve up some drivel in the form of coffee, by opening its first coffee shop in London.

Intelligently named #GuardianCoffee, the shop is described as a single site operation which is both a coffee shop and a space for journalists to work in, based in Shoreditch, London.” 

One visitor to the site said there are "infographics everywhere, iPads built into tables, not a newspaper in sight.”

I wonder if there are petitions you can sign up while using the loos, or a big sign over the counter that says, "No Israeli customers produce"?

So now, if you want a steaming hot cup of java to go with their steaming pile of journalism, you no longer have to frequent that evil, tax-dodging behemoth known as Starbucks. You can rest assured that the Guardian pays all its taxes in the United Kingdom.

Right? Er...

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