North Korea sends officers to aid Assad?

Opposition reports claim that North Korean officers are being sent to Aleppo to aid Bashar al-Assad

by The Commentator on 3 June 2013 15:25


In another bizarre twist to Syria's tragic civil war, opposition forces are now claiming that officers from the North Korean army are aiding the fight against the rebels in an effort to bolster Bashar al-Assad.

According to a "Syrian human rights center", a few of Assad's civilian militia fighters revealed the presence of the North Korean officers in the war zones.

The Syrian regime has long-claimed that among the rebels fighting it across the country there are many fighters from overseas, sent by "Syria's enemies" such as Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States of America.

But Assad also no longer denies the use of foreign fighters himself, with the recent revelation that Lebanese, Hezbollah forces and even Iranian forces are assisting Assad. It has also been reported that Russian arms are being used by Syria's regime, with Putin's government apparently keen to supply more.

The North Korean twist however lends a new element to the conflict, further entrenching the Western allies of the US, Europe, Israel and Great Britain against the so-called 'axis of evil' in Iran, Syria and North Korea assisted by Russia. 

Director of a Syrian human rights center, Rami Abed A-Rachman, said that the number of North Korean officers in Syria is unknown, although there are definitely between 11 and 15 Arabic speaking North Korean officers in Aleppo.

A-Rachman, whose organisation releases daily reports on the fighting in Syria since the civil war broke out more than two years ago, said that "the North Korean officers are spread throughout many fronts, including the Syrian Defense Ministry factories southeast of Aleppo and in the regime's forces centers in Aleppo." He claimed that they do not take part in the actual fighting, yet provide the Assad army with logistic support and construct operational plans. "They also supervise the regime's artillery in the region," he said.

North Korea is widely believed to have assisted Syria in developing a now destroyed nuclear reactor in 2007. 

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