Leading NGO watchdog identifies anti-Semitic funding sources and points finger at Church of Scotland

Gerald Steinberg has lashed out at international governments and even the Church of Scotland for propagating anti-Semitism

by The Commentator on 4 June 2013 12:14


The head of the leading watchdog group 'NGO Monitor' has accused international governments of funding anti-Semitic NGOs in an interview at the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism in Jerusalem.

NGO Monitor is a non-governmental organisation whose stated aim is to monitor the output of international non-government organisations including charities and educational groups.

Gerald Steinberg singled out a group called MIFTAH, a Palestinian Authority-based NGO, as an example of a group that has used the anti-Semitic blood libel. He said that they accused Jews of using blood of Christians to bake matzah bread on Passover as part of their anti-Israel propaganda.

Steinberg stated in the interview with Israel National News that the European Union has refused to cut off funding to groups like MIFTAH because it “funds projects and not organisations.”. Steinberg mentioned that the United States has been more diligent in cutting off funding to these groups.

“The Americans are much more serious about their obligation to ensure that their funding is not being used for precisely the opposite of the purposes which they claim to support,” Steinberg told Israel National News.

Steinberg also singled out the Church of Scotland as an example of the type of anti-Semitic “poison” being adopted by major organisations.

Recently, the Church of Scotland came under wide scrutiny from Jewish groups over its report entitled “The Inheritance of Abraham,” for the report’s questioning of Israel’s legitimacy and the biblical Jewish connection to the land of Israel.

“They own a major hotel in Tiberias, they run a hospice in Jerusalem—this is an organisation which is accepted in Israel as legitimate,” Steinberg said. “And yet they are classical anti-Semites in this document.”

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