Unite Against Fascism's mosque vigil redux

A UAF "vigil" tonight has echoes of their 2009 event when Michael Adebalajo gave his now famous "kuffar" speech

by Media Hawk on 6 June 2013 12:25

Following the despicable burning of a mosque in Muswell Hill yesterday, Unite Against Fascism (UAF), the hard-Left group that recently disrupted a UKIP event and retains an Islamist as its Vice Chair, is set to hold a "vigil" tonight near the scene of the crime.

Setting aside for a moment that UAF, to my knowledge, held no such vigil after the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby, it concerns me that such an event is now taking place at all.

Not because I think demonstrating against the English Defence League (EDL), which UAF points to in its announcement of the demo, is a troublesome cause. But rather, because the last time to my memory that UAF held a vigil outside a mosque was when Woolwich terrorist Michael Adebalajo gave his now infamous "kuffar" speech in Harrow (right), just a stone's throw from Muswell Hill. 

We haven't heard a peep about that from the mainstream media, nor from UAFs supporters which include the Prime Minister, David Cameron, and a plethora of Members of Parliament and public figures.

UAF states on its website: “We are deeply concerned about the fire of the Bravanese Centre and the reported EDL graffiti. Our thoughts are with the Somali, Muslim and indeed all the communities in the area that have been affected by this incident. We ask people to join us at the vigil."

It stinks to high heaven that the only public comments UAF has made about Islamism and its fascist adherents' murder of a British soldier is the two sentences at the top of this statement, which then spends 11 paragraphs discussing the EDL and British National Party. 

It's no surprise to me therefore, that groups like the EDL and UAF keep clashing. Their tactics reveal that they're two sides of the same coin - not interested in creating harmony, more interested in fomenting unrest. And we can't let either of them win.

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