Mehdi the relativist

Mehdi Hasan in conversation with Bernard Henri Levy exposes himself as a moral relativist interested only in Israel bashing

by Media Hawk on 6 June 2013 14:08

Watch the clip below, taken from Mehdi (yes, this Mehdi) Hasan's interview with Bernard Henri Levy about foreign intervention.

He think he's being smart, but he's letting his own mask slip here. Contrasting the Middle East conflict with the slaughter in Syria for example, exposes a moral relativism consistent among those who make it their life's work to delegitimise the State of Israel.

So in answer to his question, why is there no humanitarian intervention for the Palestinians... how about the billions of dollars in aid every year? How about the devoted UN body for Palestinian 'refugees'... how about the blind eye that continues to be turned on Palestinian acts of terror and rejectionism? 

And what about all the work Israel does in assisting Palestinians, from their water supply to their exports?

Mehdi's blind to all of that. But we know why. 

Just funny that he's doing it on Al Jazeera, which as we know, is increasingly pro-Muslim Brotherhood in its worldview.

Oh Mehdi...

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