George Galloway considering running for London Mayor

Is George Galloway seriously looking to become the next Mayor of London?

by The Commentator on 10 June 2013 09:24


George Galloway has confirmed he is currently exploring the possibility of running for London Mayor in 2016. The news comes after left-wing blog Liberal Conspiracy unearthed video footage taken after an interview Galloway gave to RT's Max Keiser, in which Galloway reveals his plans to run for office against Boris Johnson.

When asked about information he had previously revealed to Keiser's production crew, the Respect Party MP for Bradford West confirmed it was public information and said,

I have a committee which is seriously looking at the prospect of [me] running for Mayor of London at the next election.

I’d like to fight Boris Johnson, and I think David Cameron probably wishes I’d be fighting Boris Johnson because if I’m not, Boris Johnson is back in Parliament fighting him.

Galloway has only recently returned to Parliament, winning the Bradford West by-election in March 2012.

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