Islamic extremism on the rise in Germany

German intelligence sources have stated that around 42,550 people are on Germany's watch list, with 1,000 posing a serious concern

by The Commentator on 11 June 2013 14:51


German authorities have noted a distinct rise in the number of Islamic extremists operating in Germany, many of which may be prepared to carry out violent attacks.

According to a new Associated Press report, Germany's interior ministry claims that the number of Salafis in the country rose from 3,800 in 2011 to 4,500 in 2012. 

The total number of people of concern to Germany's security services now numbers around 42,550, which includes those involved with 'other forms' of extremist Islamist ideology. An estimate made in 2009 calculated that there are 4.3 million Muslims in Germany in total. 

Hans-Georg Maassen, the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence service, says about 1,000 people are of serious concern to authorities and 130 are under round-the-clock surveillance.

Maassen told reporters in Berlin on Tuesday that about 60 people have traveled from Germany to Syria this year to join jihadi groups seeking to topple President Bashar Assad.

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