Kilmeade fills the “dumb jock” quota

A Fox television host told the leader of the English Defence League "We got your back"

Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade
Andrew Ian Dodge
On 13 June 2013 20:05

Ironically - or perhaps it is simply down to kismet - the day after I wrote a piece about how not to handle Islamists for the local Times Record, Fox & Friends' Brian Kilmeade waded into the English Defence League (EDL) vs Islamists debate. On his radio show, Kilmeade gushed about EDL leader Tommy Robinson and even went so far as to say the following, according to The Metro:

“Well Tommy, we got your back, and we’ll definitely look to keep in touch and I really think it’s a very – it’s great what you’re doing.”

You may be unfamiliar with Kilmeade; he fills the “dumb jock” quota early in the mornings on Fox News. As is the case with Philip Schofield and This Morning, Fox & Friends tends to get itself in trouble when it tries to address anything actually important. That being said, one thing Kilmeade excels at is dragging the level of debate on the show down to the dumbest level possible.

Broadly speaking, Kilmeade is there to deliver the sports bulletins, but occasionally he wades in on other subjects. His additions range from the inane to the ignorant, all the way through to the downright offensive - as per his support from the nationalist thugs that make up the EDL. 

I have been doing my best to make sure that Americans understand what the EDL is truly about, behind its media mask. There are some who are tempted to paint the organisation as heroic, fighting for the common man. I go to great pains to point out that most of them are street thugs, whose tactics are that of a vicious mob.

I also make them aware that UKIP, a party that is getting some positive attention in the US for its positions, bans any member of the EDL (current or former) from joining their party. But back to Kilmeade.

A few years back he launched into a study on the Scandinavian countries and, not for the first (or last) time, ended up coming across as a bigot. As Gawker reported:

“He didn't trust the study because it was done in Finland and Sweden and the Finns and the Swedes stay "pure" by only marrying each other. Whereas in America, everyone marries everyone (so long as they're white and their partner is white. Oh, and straight!) So therefore the study doesn't mean anything.”

And when he's not offending Scandinavians, he's ignorantly trashing minority groups: Mennonites, for example - because a private Mennonite college decided not to play the national anthem due to its pacifist beliefs. 

Less offensive but equally inane is this doozy about air traffic controllers and how they should be replaced by technology. This comes care of Media Matters. “The greatest of these moments came on April 15, when Kilmeade, responding to whether air traffic control should be automated, said: "I mean there's vacuums now, right now, cleaning my area rug in my house. A robot, right now ... a Roomba --right now. ... And at first we were holding back; we were not willing to turn over the vacuum duties to a robot, but we have."”

Yes he thinks human air traffic controllers should be replaced by robots of the standard that run his robot hoover.

And this was his response to a report that birds were getting killed by bright lights on a stadium in Hawaii. Again Media Matters details his dumb jock reaction to a sad situation:

“Kilmeade had a different solution: 'screw the birds, I say play football.' But don't worry about the poor seagulls, Kilmeade had a solution to that too: 'birds will adjust, maybe take a generation or two, but they'll redo their chromosomes, and they'll learn to fly at other times.'”

It is clear that when Kilmeade wades outside his very limited area of “expertise” and waxes on other subjects he gets into problems. The fact that this Fox himbo (male bimbo) has waded into the EDL matter in the UK, armed with no knowledge, is a great shame and will not be helpful.

Kilmeade’s limited intellect can’t even handle issues of major importance in his own country; probably best that he not try and opine about another’s.

Andrew Ian Dodge is former Tea Party Patriots coordinator for Maine and a former candidate for United States Senate

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