The BBC hits the right note with Question Time

It feels almost strange to say it, but the BBC got Question Time absolutely spot on last night

by Jonathan Bracey Gibbon on 14 June 2013 07:09

I have to say, I almost gave the spotty audience on Question Time a miss following my last encounter with it some years ago. Past experience dictates that ‘Young people's’ Question Time comes a poor second to sticking needles in one’s testicles.

The last time I had such a pleasure, a fresh-faced Douglas Murray rendered poor Davina McCall speechless as the realisation of her own capacious ignorance was progressively etched on her face as the evening wore on, and as DM stole the show.

But, it being the BBC, that night the audience was made up of Stalinist gibbons.

Happily, in this instance the youth remained solely in the audience, while the panel was relatively 'adult'. But despite their youth, for QT audiences, this one was a belter.

Comprised of 16-17 year-old Scots, crucial to next year's vote on independence, this was clearly the brightest audience on QT for eons. And despite there being six - count em - panelists, for once, the BBC got this Question Time absolutely right.

Nigel Farage's well-documented frequent appearances on the show could easily have been reason enough for a weak editor not to have him on, but following his Edinburgh day trip, it was clear he should have been in the c**t's chair on the right, or whatever the left charmingly call it these days.

Also the BBC clearly knew more than Twitter about George Galloway's historical aversion to Scottish Independence.

The four bods between them were pretty much irrelevant. Even, alas, the SNP's Angus Robertson MP.

But the shock of detente put aside, the star of the show was the audience, which through a combination of brightness, the ebullience of youth, and chippy ignorance provided a forum that was a breath of fresh air on the one hand, and a disaster for the SNP on the other.

And for many on the right, and left, on Twitter, there will be much scratching-of-heads this morning…

Check it out on iPlayer...

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