European Commission Funds 'United States of Europe' initiative

Conservative MEP Syed Kamall has expressed alarm at a European Commission-funded initiative which promotes Europe as a single state

by The Commentator on 14 June 2013 12:46


Conservative Member of the European Parliament Syed Kamall has expressed his alarm at a European Commission-funded initiative, aimed at young people, which promotes the concept of Europe as a single state.

The ominously-titled United States of Europe (USE) project pushes its message through the dissemination of "photos, multimedia, video and other installations that can depict a common European identity".

Predominantly represented by 'project managers' from Germany and Poland, the group appears to also include sociologists and academics and its website sheds light on what appears to be a wider network of partner groups.

These organisations include the Goethe Institute of Germany, Transforma of Portugal, Lithuania’s Centre of Cultural and Art Initiatives, the Pharos Arts Foundation of Cyprus, and the National Sculpture Factory based in Ireland. According to the USE website, "each organisation is responsible for the implementation of USE in its own country".

The group claims that the "United States of Europe" is:

“[A] name given to multiple, though similar, hypothetical scenarios that envision Europe as a single nation or a single federation of states similar to the United States of America. European unification has been projected by writers of speculative fiction, political scientists, politicians, geographers, historians and futurologists. Moreover, the concept of the United States of Europe has been evoked by many high-profile historical figures, such as Napoleon Bonaparte, the Marquis de Lafayette, Tadeusz Kosciuszko and Victor Hugo.”

"This is not what the British people are expecting their money to be spent on. Britain doesn't want a Euro-federalist state and the Conservative Party is campaigning hard to bring about real change and reform to the EU*", Mr Kamall said.

He added: “I am alarmed by propaganda initiatives like this, which are targeted at young people. I shall be watching the activities of this group closely in the coming months."

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