The politics of masturbation

Are pro-lifers now using masturbation to bolster their cases against abortion?

by Andrew Ian Dodge on 20 June 2013 11:42

Normally when masturbation comes up in regards to politicians it is part of some insult. And those of us grew up male learned fairly early on in life that talking about masturbation in mixed company was rather impolite. Even more so in a professional arena of course.

Now it seems pro-life Republicans have decided that masturbation is a useful tool in the debate about abortion. Or rather, one such pro-life Republican has tossed this off as an idea. To be fair he was at least slightly subtle about the suggestion, but it was there according to The Raw Story: "They stroke their face. If they’re a male baby, they may have their hand between their legs."

Or as The Atlantic put it in an article about the Representative’s point on the matter, “He knows this because he says he's seen male foetuses begin masturbating in the womb around 15 weeks into a pregnancy.”

Needless to say the reaction to this bit of spew has been mixed. It has ranged between shock and sheer laughing hysteria. Yet again, actual politicians are making it very hard for satirists to make a living.

And, of course, this being the internet age, this burst of insanity has gone viral among the political classes online.

Some thought the only discussion of masturbation in the House of Representatives would be limited to concerns about lyrics. Songs with titles like 'I Touch Myself'  and 'Darling Nicky' were tossed about in the past to show the depravity of modern pop. Sadly, they never mentioned 'Turning Japanese', a song that caused many a snicker back in the more repressed 80s.

Someone needs to tell the remaining Monty Python members they need to redo the lyrics of the theme song  of  The Life of Brian, as they got the bit about when this sort of thing starts to happen wrong.

Still, you have to give the man credit. It was an innovative way to push the pro-life cause. I am not sure that ladies concerned with abortion will use this line of reasoning in their rhetoric. 

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