Anti-Morsi protestors claim to have 15 million signatures calling for President's resignation

In the run up to major anti-Morsi protests, activist groups claim to have amassed over 15 million signatures calling for early elections

by The Commentator on 21 June 2013 12:32


An opposition campaign demanding Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi's resignation and calling for early presidential elections has today claimed to have gathered more than 15 million petition signatures of support. 

The 'Tamarod' or Rebel movement describes itself as a grassroots campaign to mobilise opposition to Morsi and to force him to call for early presidential elections. Earlier this week, it was reported that an Egyptian poll found that 54 percent of the country's population are in favour of early elections.

Mohamed Abdel Aziz, a member of the campaign's central committee, said Tamarod would soon announce the total number of petitions gathered, adding, "the figure will be a surprise to Egyptians and Morsi alike," the Egypt Independent newspaper reported. 

"Morsi has lost the support of the people, apart from his group [the Muslim Brotherhood]. He seeks to satisfy the US, but to him we say that the Americans have not helped [ex-President Hosni] Mubarak nor will they help him," Abdel Aziz said. 

Tamarod is in meetings with youth organisations from different political groups to manage preparations for major protests set to be held on June 30th.  

The campaign also said that its activists in Europe and the US are planning to produce a CD documenting alleged violations committed by the Brotherhood, before distributing it to Western media.

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