Tonge wrong on BBC bias

Baroness Tonge has spearheaded an appeal on behalf of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, claiming that the BBC is biased in favour of Israel! Laugh or cry?

by Sue Denim on 25 June 2013 12:14

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has just sent one of the most bizarre campaign e-mails I've ever received. 

I've written before on how anti-Israel campaigners are trying to push BBC bias against Israel further by pretending the Beeb is actually biased in favour of Israel, but disgraced Baroness Tonge's latest mailout really takes the biscuit. 

She claims, "Challenging the bias and inaccuracy of the BBC is an integral part of PSC’s work," which gives a punch line to the wider claims in the e-mail that the BBC is inherently biased in favour of Israel.

The evidence they present? 

No, not a slew of noteworthy incidents and reports like the ones you can find on The Commentator, BBC Watch or in about 100 other places online. 

No, not the fact that in 2004 a specific report had to be commissioned from inside the BBC to analyse pro-Israel bias (because it wasn't.. it was the other way around). 

No, instead they provide one blog post, written by propaganda outlet "Electronic Intifada" which claims that because Newsnight's Gavin Estler was once a bit clumsy with his comments about the West Bank, that proves an inherent BBC bias in favour of Israel. 

Tonge even admits that anti-Israel activists are given the type of access to "senior BBC executives" - the type of proximity that would never be given to pro-Israel folks. She says, "PSC’s Chair, Hugh Lanning, has met with senior BBC executives, including the previous Head of News and Current Affairs, to put the case for better and fairer coverage directly to top management."

Remember, the PSC is an organisation that uses the entirety of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza as their logo. That's what they believe "Palestine" is. And if you don't agree with the Arab annexation of the Jewish State, you're "biased". 

Of course, the real thrust behind her e-mail is a call for donations to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. 

Might I suggest that people give their money elsewhere to help tackle BBC bias? Just a thought... 

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