English Defence League slammed for fake Stephen Hawking video

A fake video of Stephen Hawking announcing his support for the English Defence League has caused outrage from across the political spectrum

by The Commentator on 25 June 2013 13:14


A fake video of physicist Stephen Hawking endorsing the English Defence League (EDL) posted on a Facebook page has caused outrage, with Motor Neurone Disease charities condeming the "bogus" clip.

The Huffington Post reports that the English Defence League Bournemouth Facebook page posted a video earlier this week with a grainy clip of Stephen Hawking claiming to "announce his support for the English Defence League". 

The EDL claims it is a "human rights organisation" on its website, though most accept that the organisation is mostly populated by street thugs and nationalists. Recently, it's leader Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) admitted that he was formerly a member of the nationalist political party, the British National Party.

The video of Hawking appeared on the EDL Bournemouth page on 23rd June, and features a video of Hawking stating: "In England politicians are lying, useless c**ts. Thankfully groups like the EDL are helping the English media wake up to the threat posed by the Islamification of England. "

The video has been slammed by campaigners, with Sally Light, chief executive of the Motor Neurone Disease Association stating, "It is inappropriate and incredibly disrespectful to people living with motor neurone disease (MND).

“Losing your ability to speak is frequently one of the symptoms of what is a terrible and often a rapidly progressive disease; half of the people diagnosed with MND die within 14 months of diagnosis.

“Communication aids provide people who have lost their own speech due to MND with a vital way of expressing themselves as they become trapped in a failing body.”

The Huffington Post has bizarrely sought to draw parallels between the EDL usage of Hawking's image and offensive comments made about the physicist following the announcement of his boycott against Israel. It states, "Stephen Hawking was also subject to vile abuse targeting his disability after it was announced he was planning to boycott a conference in Israel, hosted by the country's president Shimon Peres."

The Huffington Post made no mention of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic comments circulating online at the time, nor did its report attempt to create a delineation between anti-boycott campaigners and hateful comments posted online. 

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