Arrogant Obama polarises political discussion yet again

Barack Obama's second term approach lacks the finesse he promised in both election cycles. No more Mr. Bi-Partisan. Just the same old sneering Obama...

by Phoenix on 25 June 2013 23:09

Remember when U.S. President Barack Obama used to pretend he was always up for discussion? I do. Just about. 

Back then, it was all about 'reaching across the aisle' and 'compromises'. But much like British Prime Minister David Cameron, Barack Obama has a tendency to slip into his own little 'Flashman' routine, wherein he gets so high and mighty, so disgustingly arrogant, that instead of pulling people towards his side of the argument, he turns people off. 

"We don't have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society." —President Obama on those who continue to deny the science on #climate change

In a speech on climate change today, Obama, rather than attempting to convince anyone of his perspective, simply dismissed those who are skeptical of humanity's impact on an Earth that has undergone billions of years of changing climates, catastrophic events and basically whatever else mother nature has thrown at it. 

Yes, heaven forbid anyone question the narcissism of humankind in thinking that we can drastically alter the fate of an entire planet within about a hundred years. 

That being said, people like Obama feed on narcissism, don't they? So no surprises here, really...

Flat Earth Society, Mr. President? Better call the Flat Line Society. Because that's what has happened to any pretence of bi-partisanship on your behalf.

It's flatlined.

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