Peter Bone MP: Patriot or puppet of the PM?

Is Peter Bone a patriot or merely the PM’s puppet?

by Gary Robinson on 26 June 2013 13:21

A coterie of Conservative MPs, including backbencher Peter Bone, recently produced its own "Alternative Queen's Speech".

It features such proposals as bringing back the death penalty, banning the wearing of burkas in public, and withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights.

It is Mr. Bone’s belief that “such measures would win back voters from UKIP”.

Mr. Bone also stated that "Poor old David Cameron is governing with one hand tied behind his back.”

My question is this: is Peter Bone a patriot or merely the PM’s puppet?

Allow me to explain. I have no doubt that Mr. Bone is a hard working MP who wants the best for the UK. But by remaining in the Conservative Party, he is propping up an undoubtedly Europhile leader with a fascination for progressive policies. He is perpetuating the myth that if it were not for the Deputy Prime Minister, David Cameron would be promoting true-blue policies left, right, and centre.

Well, I have this to say: no, Mr. Bone, he would not.

The evidence is clear for all to see. Shortly after Mr Cameron had been sworn in as Prime Minister, he appointed the Europhile Ken Clarke MP to his cabinet as Secretary of State for Justice. The Prime Minister has kept Mr. Clarke on since then in various positions, his latest role being Minister without portfolio.

In 2011 he imposed a three line whip on his own MPs to vote against a motion calling for a referendum on the EU.

Whenever Mr. Cameron has been put on the spot about why he isn’t focusing on conservative policies, he always insists that he has to concentrate on improving the economy – a laudable aim. But he has always seemed to find the time to participate in photo opportunities with Nick Clegg, to legislate for gay marriage, or to organise a referendum on the AV voting system.

There was no mention of an EU referendum proposal in this year’s Queen’s Speech despite an increasing number of present and former parliamentarians coming out in favour of a referendum.

Mr. Bone has made it clear that he wishes to address UKIP voters with his proposals, so I hope he will accept a reply from me, a UKIP voter and former candidate.

I do not wish to be rude, but I must be direct. The evidence is clear that there is a huge gulf between Tory backbenchers and leadership.

Whatever the original intentions of this alternative Queen’s speech, the effect has been to make the current incarnation of the Conservative Party temporarily seem more conservative than it actually is.

In the long run, this will only harm the causes the likes of Mr. Bone champion.

Many of Mr. Bone’s fellow Conservatives, such as Roger Helmer MEP and Lord Stevens of Ludgate, have already had enough and joined UKIP. Scarcely a week goes by without a councillor defecting to UKIP, and it can only be a matter of time before a sitting MP does the same. 

There are many people remaining in the Conservative Party I admire – Priti Patel MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Daniel Hannan MEP to name but a few. But I contend that it is no longer enough for these politicians to simply be noisy critics of the Prime Minister.

If they and Mr. Bone want to defend their country, they must take radical action – either by taking steps to replace the current Conservative leadership or defecting to UKIP themselves.

UKIP, and the nation at large, eagerly await their decision.

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