BDS fail: Alicia Keys continues to fight against anti-Israel bigotry

Good on Alicia Keys for standing up to the BDS movement

by The Humph on 28 June 2013 10:55

Good on Alicia Keys. Earlier this month she defied pressure from BDS bullies by refusing to cancel her scheduled July 4th concert in Tel Aviv, setting a precedent for other acts such as the Pet Shop Boys who, not only performed in Tel Aviv, but also crticised the characterisation of Israel as an 'apartheid state'.

And now, since the anti-Israel brigade has failed to pipe down, Ms. Keys has delivered a further blow to the BDS movement.

Boycott activists, it would seem, had infringed copyright laws by using Ms. Keys's material in a propaganda video on YouTube. A prompt response, however, from the artist and her legal team put that to rest quickly.

I believe that's what they call 'BDS fail'. 

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