VIDEO: Former Labour MP defends his BBC appointment

Former Labour frontbencher James Purnell defends his hand picked BBC job... on BBC's Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman

by Media Hawk on 2 July 2013 08:18

It's like going through the looking glass. Remember when the BBC was only doing reporting on and about the BBC during the Saville scandal? It seems they bloody enjoyed it. Here they are at it again.

And whoever said that the BBC had a Left-wing bias?

When it comes to hand picking Lefties, the Beeb is second only to the likes of The Guardian, and the latter isn't (much) funded by the public.

So how come the BBC persists and keeps getting away with this stuff?

Well, only the Beeb can ask (and answer) its own questions, since it's basically devoid of accountability. 

How about a mass protest, folks? Who's with me? We shall all refuse to pay the licence fee until transparency and accountability find their way to Broadcasting House. 


Hat-tip Liar Politicians

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