Kuwaiti MPs justify trade with Israel

A Kuwaiti Member of Parliament has defended the purchase of weapons from Israel in a television interview

by The Commentator on 2 July 2013 08:40


Kuwaiti Members of Parliament have taken to the airwaves to defend trade relations with the Jewish State of Israel.

In interviews on Alziadi television in Kuwaiti, two MPs, Nabil Al-Fadhl and Hammad Al-Dosari both defend the idea of trading with Israel, even invoking the legacy of the Prophet Muhammed to justify the actions.

Although Israel and Kuwait have no official ties, the MPs make mention of "Israeli equipment" purchased for the sake of national security. 

Fadhl said during the interview that, if Kuwaiti security requires Israeli equipment, then the country should invest in it, stating: “I will love the Israelis for it.”

The interviewer went on to ask, “even with Israelis?” and Fadhl reiterated his support for importing Israeli products.

Fadhl justified such trade based on security reasons, though he also added that other Arab states failed to come to the country’s rescue when Iraq invaded in 1990.

“How exactly did the Muslims benefit us, when our Arab neighbor [Iraq] invaded our country? I am willing to buy equipment from Israel to protect my country from its Arab and Muslim neighbor,” he stated.

Dosari said that the Shari’a permits dealings with Israelis since the prophet Muhammad “died while his shield was mortgaged with a Jew.” He went on to reject any criticism saying that those who attack him are unaware of Islamic law.

“I tell you that the prophet Muhammad had dealings [with the Jews]. You criticize me?!” he declared.


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