Mongolian neo-Nazis seek legitimacy by going Green

Companies are now being visited by aggressive looking "environmentalists" sporting swastikas and jack boots

by The Commentator on 3 July 2013 09:58


It used to be all so simple, if you wanted to make a point, you just kicked down somebody's door. But for Mongolia's neo-Nazis, that was never very good for their image. So now they've taken drastic measures; they've gone green.

According to Reuters, the group believes it has seen an opportunity by attaching itself to popular concerns about foreign mining companies exploiting Mongolia's natural resources.

What this means in practice is that such companies are now being visited by aggressive looking "environmentalists" sporting swastikas and jack boots. They demand to see mining permits, to be given soil and water samples or even to get explanations about noise pollution.

The Tsagaan Khass storm-troopers, as this particular green group is known, have certainly had to make some changes to their approach. Their leader, Ariunbold Altankhuum, told Reuters:

"Before we used to work in a harsh way, like breaking down doors, but now we have changed and we use other approaches, like demonstrations....Today our main goal is to save nature. We are doing things to protect the environment."

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