Labour councillor under fire after refusing to assist UKIP member resident

A Labour councillor is potentially in breach of his council's code of conduct after refusing to work with a resident he discovered is now a UKIP candidate

by The Commentator on 4 July 2013 10:27


A Labour councillor has drawn criticism after refusing to assist a resident who is a candidate for rival political party, UKIP.

Ryan Laing, who is UKIP's candidate in a by-election in Telford in the West Midlands of England today, contacted Councillor Kevin Guy over parking problems outside a school in the area.

Initially, Guy was helpful, but after he found out that Laing became a UKIP candidate, Guy tweeted at him, "Sorry Ryan u are now a UKIP candidate, will bend over backwards to aid Woodside residence, but [sic] aiding UKIP candidates!"

Laing remains a resident in Woodside, which Guy is democratically elected to represent. The UKIP for Telford and Wrekin website stated that, "Refusing to help a resident because of the political party they belong to is clearly a breach of Telford & Wrekin Council’s code of conduct for councillors and frankly appalling behaviour for a councillor."

The council's code of conduct states, "Members should serve only the public interest and should treat everyone that they deal with equally and with respect."

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