PHOTO: Owen Jones... man of the people

Owen Jones, Mehdi Hasan, Sunny Hundal, Ed Miliband, all gathering around at an Islamic Relief event in a posh London venue..

by Media Hawk on 5 July 2013 13:43

An interesting photograph has emerged featuring Owen Jones, Sunny Hundal, Ed Miliband and the former Archbishop of Canterbury, having a posh old dinner at the invitation of none other than Mehdi "kaffir" Hasan.

Mehdi, who is probably best known for his intolerant rantings, apparently invited Owen et al to the Islamic Relief dinner hosted yesterday at the fancy Church House Conference Centre in Westminster.

Guests are also said to have included Sadiq Khan MP, and Jemima Khan (no relation... I think?).

And while Owen and Mehdi laughed it all off today, there remains an underlying hypocrisy to this all. They all scream and shout about the "posh Right-wingers" but are happy to cost charities to fill their faces with fine food and rub shoulders with... each other.

One Westminster insider tells me Hundal is always on the prowl if he sniffs a job going... 

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