EU referendum victory, but oh the shame of Labour and the Lib-dems

Labour and the Liberal Democrats showed their cowardice, and the extent of their contempt for democracy

by The Commentator on 5 July 2013 14:32

James Wharton MP can feel very proud today, which is more than can be said for the massed ranks of mainly Liberal-Democrat and Labour MPs who didn't even have the courage to turn up to vote for Wharton's parliamentary bill aimed at making it law for Britain to hold a referendum on the country's membership of the European Union.

As it turned out, Wharton's bill won by what at first sight appears to be a crushing 304 to zero majority. That is indeed crushing. But for this to actually pass into law, the Prime Minister, who was a latecomer to supporting it, will need to give his blessing. (Procedure, etc).

The bigger question for the British people, who consistently express opinion poll preferences for a referendum on whether we should stay or whether we should go is this: Where in heaven's name was Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour Party, and Nick Clegg, leader of the (farcically named) Liberal-Democrats?

Also, where were their MPs? Just a smattering had the courage to turn up, and some were even gracious enough to vote to let the British people have a say.

But in almost all cases, Labour and the Liberals ran away. And ran away from what? A chance for the men and women of great Britain to have their say on their own future. Miliband and Clegg should be skulking in shame, and they won't be lonely if they're going to spend this evening in the company of their own supporters.

Three words for what it means to be a Europhile today: Shame, shame, (nothing but) shame...

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