Muslim Brotherhood activists recruited Syrians and Palestinians to shoot at anti-Morsi protestors

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is being investigated for recruiting Palestinian and Syrian fighters to fire shotguns at anti-Morsi protestors

by The Commentator on 7 July 2013 11:42


Following an investigation conducted by Egypt's Qasr al-Nil Public Prosecution, the Egypt Independent newspaper has reported that the Muslim Brotherhood recruited Palestinians and Syrians to fire at protestors opposed to the rule of the now desposed Mohammed Morsi.

While details are yet to become clear, various examples were noted by the Public Prosecution, including the case of Mohamed Hassan al-Berdkany, a Syrian who was recruited to fire at protestors from the Qasr al-Nil Bridge, just a few hundreds metres away from Tahrir Square in Cairo.

Berdkany said he had fled the fighting in Syria and had come with his family to Cairo, wherein he met a young Syrian man named Ahmed al-Soury who was responsible for gathering Syrians to take part in the protests the Muslim Brotherhood was organising at Nahdet Misr Square.

Berdkany revealed that he used to meet with members of the Brotherhood in an apartment in 6th October City. There, he would meet with a local leader of the Syrian community who took him to another apartment where a number of young members of the Brotherhood were staying.

The Brotherhood members asked him to join them in their protests in return for 500 Egyptian Pounds (£47/$71) for each protest he would take part in.

Berdkany also stated that the head of the Palestinian community who paid Palestinians to protest for the Brotherhood is named Bassel al-Feroun. Their meetings also took place in an apartment in 6th October City and each participant was handed a shotgun and paid to go join the Brotherhood protests in Nahdet Misr Square, he said.

The prosecution has asked intelligence, national security, and criminal investigation authorities to conduct their own investigations to determine the movements of Berdkany and to uncover the identities of the suspects involved in the case.

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