Andy Murray and the downer media

Some British journalists just can't help themselves when it comes to self-loathing and lecturing the British public, can they?

by Media Hawk on 8 July 2013 23:01

Mid way during the Wimbledon final on Sunday, one tweet made its way around the political Twittersphere as self-obsessed, downer in chief Laurie Penny declared that due to a childhood promise made by herself, to herself, she wouldn't be watching the tennis.

Andy Murray surely wept.

But Laurie's "me, me, me" approach was not an isolated incident in terms of sour grapes emanating from some of Britain's most boring and banal writers. 

Yesterday, some sourpuss at The Guardian had to fisk the headline of basically every newspaper in the country, and lecture us on how we're forgetting Virginia Wade... because she's a woman, obviously.

But actually, most of us haven't forgotten Wade, but rather know the implied difference between the men's championship and the women's championship - and The Guardian reveals its contempt for the British public by assuming it too would fail to recognise Wade's achievements without its prompting. Lecture away, Grauniad overlords...

Finally, there was the pathetic attempt by Peter Oborne in the Telegraph to make us all feel bad about enjoying Murray's victory on Sunday, by claiming that tennis was a sport for the middle classes and above, and that in thinking that the country cares as much about tennis as it does for instance, football, we're all living in some kind of home counties bubble.

Except we're not, and Oborne shows just how out of touch he is by making such a claim.

A little bit of research would do the trick, Peter, especially if you're going to claim that Murray's victory isn't comparable to England's footballing accomplishments.

17.3m people watched Murray triumph over Novak Djokovic, just 3m short of how many watched England crash out of Euro 2012 last year, which incidentally was one of the most watched football matches in the UK ever. But why should we let facts stand in the way of Leftist or statist commentators lecturing us on how we should feel, behave, act and think?

Those guilt trips don't work anymore, folks. Mostly because in an information age, it only takes a bit of Googling to cut right through your bullsh*t. 

There is no love for the old media left, and Andy Murray's victory on Sunday served to underscore that point

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