Why haven't BBC jounalists followed Al Jazeera journos in resigning over bias?

BBC journalists shamed by Al Jazeera journalists who know what free speech means

by Yorker on 9 July 2013 16:15

It's because they have no principles; and because "objectivity" just means accepting the same old, tired, boring received wisdoms of the liberal-left. For most BBC journalists; it's just a job.

See here what Al Jazeera journalists had the courage to do, and then read on and imagine that BBC types would do the same.

And, as (possibly the best) Daily Telegraph columnist Janet Daley reminds us:

"The BBC is now in serious trouble. A sensible step would be to accept that it is just one more broadcaster in an enormous market place of alternatives. That means cutting back what it does (and what it charges) to a core of services that commercial rivals are less likely to offer. But the larger question is what we do about the spurious notion of “neutrality” which is required by law in all broadcast news and current affairs.

"The United States used to have similar legislation: known as the “fairness” rule, it decreed that airtime for a spokesman on any issue had to be balanced by a spokesman for the other side. The effect was exactly the same: a Left-liberal consensus dominated all of the mass media networks’ presentation of political issues. When the fairness rule was finally revoked, a thousand flowers bloomed: talk radio exploded on to the scene, as did the famous cable news channels such as Fox News (on the Right) and MSNBC (on the Left) which were blatantly partisan and enormously vibrant."

I'm not going to think this through for you; you do it!

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