Guardian in mother of all pro-terror suspect fiascos, again

The Guardian yet again runs support for a great Islamist hater; advocate of murdering Jews and apostates from Islam.

by Yorker on 10 July 2013 16:23

From the newspaper that gave you tears at the fall of the Berlin Wall at its 20th anniversary, blow-back-the-yanks-deserved-it over 9/11, platforms for Hamas, and the whole general hate campaign against Israel, we have a sweet and lovely one over the landmark deportation to Jordan from Britain of one Abu Qatada this week.

Qatada was described by Spanish prosecutors, among many others, as "the spiritual leader" of al-Qaeda in Europe and there has been a struggle lasting over a decade to get him deported from the UK. True to form, he has had the support of anti-Western apologists who, in some cases even befriended him.

This is from Guardian columnist Victoria Brittain. Just a couple of juicy snippets:

"Our security services and politicians turned this man into an Islamic counter-terrorism myth. If instead they had chosen to talk to him, as I have many times, they would have found that the man behind the myth is a scholar with wide intellectual and cultural interests. He wrote books while he was in prison. His home is filled with books. His children have excelled at school, with help and encouragement from his daily phone calls from prison."

Kids, schools, books? Goodness. But there's more:

"I've been struck by his dignity and lack of bitterness over the treatment he and his family have suffered and I believe that, rather than being scapegoated, his moral standards could have been useful in engaging Muslim youth and healing the wounds in our divided society."

Marvellous. Now, here's why the British government fought tooth and nail to get him deported.

Well even the Guardian has reported that in March 1995, "the preacher issues a fatwa saying it is justified to both kill Muslims who renounce their faith and kill their families," and the paper also reported that in 1999, he made "a speech in London that advocates the killing of Jews and praises attacks on Americans."

In April 2002 (this is the Guardian's own news team again, by the way): "Police in Germany find recordings of some of his radical sermons in a home used by some of the September 11 attackers."

Oh, joy to be a Guardian columnist. And welcome to modern Britain..

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