Snowden may be an opportunist but is he wrong about freedom?

I hate self-loathing Westerners as much as the next person; but don't we pro-Westerners have a sneaking worry about this whole deal?

by New Democracy Advocate on 12 July 2013 18:32

This very short post asks you to think, from a pro-Western perspective, about whether Edward Snowden is only the publicity seeking opportunist he appears to be, or whether he has a much more significant pro-freedom role than some give him credit for.

Three thoughts: 1. Preamble; 2; The thought; 3; Concluding Question:

PREAMBLE: No doubt Snowden's courting of dictatorships reflects a typical anti-Western, self-loathing frame of mind, as does the group of people and countries (Russia, China? those bastions of freedom) that embrace him. He's just asked for political asylum in Russia even as the Putin dictatorship posthumously convicted (Magnitsky) a whistle blower Putin's people had beaten to death.

THE THOUGHT: However, it seems Snowden has revealed truths about mass criminality perpetrated by the American government in spying on non-terror suspects including friendly governments for the purposes of getting the upper hand in business contract negotiations. European governments are plainly just as guilty (not to mention China and Russia), but Snowden has exposed very serious crimes.

CONCLUDING QUESTION: The Founding Fathers of the US Constitution wrote their historic document so that government should be limited. They drew on English and Scottish classical liberals. They understood that individuals could be flawed; but that it was possible to frame laws and procedures to uphold freedom. Even if you instinctively dislike Snowden, are you absolutely sure that he would be shunned rather than embraced by the men who wrote the American constitution?

I really have a problem with this. Can you help? Just asking, really...

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