Quick View: Boris Johnson exemplifies British "wussification" over Olympic shooting ban madness

Some things are just too stupid for words. Wussification gone mad in Britain, says Cato Institute analyst Dan Mitchell.

Has Boris finally lost it?
Daniel J. Mitchell
On 28 August 2011 10:23

I've written before about the wussifcation of America, but we definitely haven’t sunk to the level of the United Kingdom.

Here are some excerpts from a National Review column about the Mayor of London (supposedly a conservative), who is barring children from watching Olympic shooting events.

"…not all policies are created equal, and almost none are as silly or as counter-productive as the one that London mayor Boris Johnson announced on Wednesday: Children will be barred from watching shooting events at the 2012 London Olympics. The restriction is designed to help stem London’s rising gun-crime rate, and to prevent the “glorification” of firearms. …It is absurd and unsurprising in equal measure. Successive British governments have been nothing if not consistent in their asinine attitude toward firearms…official policy appears to have been to irritate the majority of the citizenry as much as is humanly possible, while leaving the source of gun crime — criminals who don’t follow the rules anyway — untouched. And so the British now have a country in which the national shooting team has to travel to France to practice its sport, pentathletes training for the Olympic games have had to waste time facing down a comical plan to replace their air rifles with laser guns… Meanwhile, the instances of gun violence on Britain’s streets have doubled in number in the last ten years, and rioters have recently proven that they can roam wild, striking blows against civilization with impunity. …Never fear, though; young people will still be allowed to watch the opening ceremony and the traditional lighting of the Olympic Flame. That is, unless the mayor of London has the torch-carrier arrested for arson."

I’d provide some additional commentary, but I can’t think of anything to say.

Some things are just too stupid for words.

It’s amazing, however, that a nation that does something this idiotic once ruled half the world. 

Daniel J. Mitchell is a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, the free-market, Washington D.C. think tank. This piece is cross-posted by agreement on his blog.

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