Double trouble for Britain: UK foreign policy establishment aiming to kill Britain

In a sad way, it's logical, but the out-of-control British Foreign Office now needs to be locked down before it causes more damage

Don't kill Britain
The Commentator
On 28 July 2013 13:00

The British Foreign Office (FCO) is out of control. They have been for a long time: most voters focus on domestic issues and expect that the bureaucrats in Whitehall will serve British interests. But as our story shows, they don't, and this is serious.

FCO bureaucrats have long been motivated by personal interest (in the jobs they could get in Brussels and the UN, for example) but also by a weak ideological framework that is intense in its hatred of the West, of Britain and of global democratic values.

Let's make this quick, and then we can all share with like-minded people.

1. As John Redwood MP points out on The Commentator today, the Foreign Office has not internalised, understood, or acted upon the wishes of the elected representatives of Britain in wanting a more distant relationship with Brussels. It appears to believe it has an agenda of of its own that it has a right to pursue. Not in a a democratic Britain, we say at The Commentator.

2. In a quite extraordinary piece, our Tom Gallagher, from Scotland, shows how Foreign Office mandarins (ie. anti-intellectual mediocrities who have learned to play the internal political game; knighthoods etc) are greenlighting Scottish independence from the UK. Their thinking is that if they can destroy Britain, England will feel impelled to join up full time to the EU project.

Then they get big time money though pointless jobs. Get it? It's not hard to understand.

This should be unacceptable. But it will happen unless democratically minded people protest. We are protesting. This is wrong. This is anti-democratic. But we can't do this alone. Share widely....

** Send this to your MP, your friends, and anyone else who is appalled by what is being done in Britain's name by unelected bureaucrats

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