Weekly Round-Up: Gibraltar, Israel, crimes of communism, UKIP, EU, Manning, and more

From Gibraltar to the EU; from anti-Americanism to anti-Israel; from the forgotten crimes of communism... See this quick round-up

by The Commentator on 2 August 2013 12:26

Our weekly one-stop shop at The Commentator. No fuss: here's what's on offer among our most influential of the week. Just click to read and then, if you like anything, share it with your friends or anyone whom you think would enjoy.

For your perusal:

1) Bradley Manning? A dimwit who deserves to rot in jail

2) Kids get the point about tax, why not adults?

3) Gibraltar is British, and the EU project doesn't work

4) Did you know that Communist Romania killed 120,000 people?

5) Getting Kabbalistic on the Israel boycotters -- Part 1

6) La Trahison des clercs. Israel boycotters -- Part 2

7) Robert Mugabe: My part in his, um, rise!

8) Is Berlusconi really a dead duck?

9) Not just the newspapers involved in hacking. Lawyers too? No way?

10) The failure of the NHS. And that's just from the Guardian!

And for more, just glance at the site here.

Happy weekend!

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