UKIP must hold firm over ‘Bongobongogate’ or face a future hamstrung by the ‘PC’ brigade

If UKIP allows itself to be bullied by the PC Brigade it will hand yet another victory to those who wish to destroy genuine political freedom in this country

by Blitz Prop on 7 August 2013 21:53

The Guardian and the BBC have been busy lambasting UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom MEP for ‘racist’ comments made during a speech given at a meeting last month. At the time, Mr Bloom himself lambasted the UK government for sending £11bn a year on foreign aid to ‘Bongobongo Land’.

The left-wing media, driven forward by the Guardian-BBC alliance, has gone absolutely apoplectic at Mr Bloom’s comments. So sure are they both that ‘politically incorrect’ is the same as being ‘racist’ that the story has been run on the BBC main TV News, in the Guardian Newspaper and on the both the Guardian and the BBC websites.

Mr Bloom was invited to be assassinated on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme and on the BBC News Channel among others. Mr Bloom accepted these invitations and his confident, common-sense performances were exemplary, garnering huge support from the general public and showing the BBC for just what it is.

You may remember that in August 2012, The Commentator ran figures it had obtained under a freedom of information request which showed that in the previous year the BBC had purchased 10,000 more copies of the left-wing Guardian and Independent newspapers than it had the right-wing Telegraph and Daily Mail combined.

Newspapers are purchased for daily circulation among BBC staff, from which the television news is both generated and prioritised. The figures are all the more amazing because centre-right papers have a general public circulation of nearly seven times that of their left-wing competitors.

Why then, does the BBC give the left-wing press such institutional prominence? Are BBC journalists plucking their television news from yesterday’s newspapers? If so, are they then reconstituting left-wing bias to licence fee payers expecting impartiality?

The BBC’s decision to run the Bloom story may be indicative of its propensity to give the Guardian’s agenda undue prominence. After-all, the BBC can hardly claim ignorance of the Guardian’s bias, can it?

When the Social Democratic Party was founded in 1981, far from attempting to destroy the new party as it has done with UKIP, three of the Guardian’s four lead writers instead flocked to join the SDP. When the SDP didn’t quite work out as the Guardianistas had hoped, they openly supported New Labour between 1995 and 2010.

The Guardian’s Editor resigned from the paper in 1994 after The Spectator ran a story which alleged that he was an ‘agent of influence’ for the Soviet KGB. In 1967 the same man was well enough acquainted with Cuban Marxist Che Guevara that he was asked to formally identify Guevara’s body.

Soviet defector Oleg Gordievsky later claimed that “the KGB loved the Guardian. It was deemed highly susceptible to penetration” and in an open letter to the Telegraph in 2005, Gordievsky accused the BBC of being what he called the ‘red service’ stating: “just listen to the nuances of Radio 4, BBC Television and the BBC World Service, and you will realise that Communism is not a dying creed”.

In 2005, a former Guardian Features Editor confirmed that ‘it is no secret that we are a centre-left newspaper’ and his remarks were later corroborated in 2008 by a Guardian Columnist who declared that the Guardian is ‘clearly left of centre and only vaguely progressive’. The Guardian’s bias is hardly a tightly guarded secret.

Given the evidence, why does the BBC seem to disproportionately follow the Guardian’s line -- an especially pertinent question given that the newspaper circulation figures show it to be so far removed from the opinion of the very general public that funds the Beeb?

Ultimately, the BBC and the Guardian have constructed and blown the Godfrey Bloom story out of all proportion in order to serve their own combined left-wing agenda. The term he used may have been strategically foolish, but it was not racist. I am yet to see a single complaint by the good people of fictional Bongobongo Land regarding his comments. As a term, ‘Bongobongo Land’, at a substantive level, is no less demeaning or infantilising than ‘The Third World’.

Rather than his words, what Mr Bloom is actually being attacked for is his – and his party’s – centre-right Libertarianism which is so abhorrent to ‘lefties’. Having met him once a couple of years ago, I believe Mr Bloom is robust enough to weather this particular storm, but UKIP must stand by him.

To defend Mr Bloom in this instance is to defend every one of us who believes that the purely binary notion of being judged either politically correct or incorrect according to an arbitrary left-wing yardstick is nothing short of illiberal. His comments may even be politically incorrect, but that neither makes them wrong or racist; it simply means that they’re not in line with the left, nothing else.  

Stalin utilised the term ‘politically correct’ to judge party members on whether they were dogmatic enough in their application of Socialist doctrine to remain in their posts or receive promotion. Those who were judged ‘politically incorrect’ were sent to the Gulags to rot. Let us not accept a media culture which seeks to send plain speaking politicians into political Siberia simply to further a given agenda.

Godfrey Bloom must be robustly defended to prevent us from sleep walking even further into what the left-wing’s Messiah Gramsci called ‘cultural hegemony’ – a slow creeping revolution of control by the left via the newsroom back door.

Like Mr. Bloom, I wish to live in a country which sees open political debate as an essential and positive aspect of society. I don’t want our politicians or ourselves to be hobbled by the notion of having either the correct or incorrect political opinion as judged exclusively by one side. I believe that people of all sides, left and right, should have the freedom to express their views openly and without fear of trial by ideologically motivated media.

If UKIP allows itself to be bullied by the PC Brigade it will hand yet another victory to those who wish to destroy genuine political freedom in this country. They’ve already killed the Tories.

(Update: since this article was written Mr. Bloom has been pushed into apologising for any "genuine" offence caused)

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