Abbas's Presidential Guard now claims Western Wall for Palestinians

It is a long standing theme of Palestinian rejectionists that Jews have no historic roots in Jerusalem. This could be a headache for John Kerry

by The Commentator on 12 August 2013 14:52


Media watchdog, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has uncovered yet another startling example of Palestinian rejectionism over Jewish historical, cultural and religious rights in the Israeli capital Jerusalem.

Just as "peace talks" are supposed to be kicking off, the official Facebook page of PA President Mahmoud Abbas's Presidential Guard has seen fit to put up a photograph of the Western Wall, one of the holiest of Jewish sites, with a Palestinian flag superimposed upon it.

As the picture (above) shows, it also depicts an Orthodox Jew peering over his shoulder at a triumphant Palestinian making the victory sign. The text on the flag, PMW reports, says: "The Al-Buraq Wall", which is the Muslim term for the Temple Mount's Western Wall. The text on the picture itself says: "Public Relations and Information - The Presidential Guard", "Palestinian youth know their rights".

The use of imagery (maps are typical examples) to deny Jewish rights in the Middle East is typical of mainstream Palestinian behaviour and is not confined to the margins.

PMW said it had, "documented that the Palestinian Authority rejects that the Western Wall, the remnant of the Temple Mount destroyed by Rome in the year 70 CE, is a Jewish holy site, and claims it as an exclusively Islamic holy site.

"A documentary broadcast twice on PA TV declared that the PA plans to destroy the Western Wall Plaza, Judaism's holiest place of prayer used by millions of Jews, and build residential homes there instead. The PA TV documentary stated that Jews praying at the Western Wall were "sin and filth."

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