Greens should get with the fracking democratic game

Fracking could secure Britain's energy future. But Greens don't want a debate, they'll just shout and scream until they get their way

by Yorker on 19 August 2013 08:42

(Update: Green MP and environmentalist "guru" Caroline Lucas got herself arrested at a protest today. She'll be loving it of course; and now she's claiming that the democratic process has failed the anti-fracking movement.)

Isn't it amazing that when Leftists find that people don't agree with them they assume that it can only be because they aren't listening. This was Green MP Caroline Lucas's line on Monday morning when questioned on Sky NEWS as to whether she agreed with "direct action" to oppose fracking.

As long as such direct action -- unlawful activities designed to disrupt people's lives -- was non-violent she said she could see a role for it so long as the government wasn't "listening".

Doesn't it ever occur to people like Lucas that the government might well be listening but that it is also listening to others with a different view? Who knows, the pro-fracking agenda may even be more convincing!

But this never actually does occur to the people who run the global environmentalist industry. They represent one of the splinters from the totalitarian agenda that all but collapsed at the fall of the Berlin Wall almost a quarter of a century ago. There can only be one right and just answer: theirs.

In order to justify this stance in the public domain they obviously need something to make it at least superficially convincing. There has to be some way to ramp up the emotions so that their flagrantly anti-democratic agenda is not exposed as such.

The technique of choice, of course, is extreme alarmism. If you disagree with their views on climate change, you are arguing for the end of the habitable world. If you disagree with their views on fracking you are arguing for that too, but combining it with a preference for some apocalyptic vision of a Britain ripped to pieces by earthquakes.

The end of the world? Molten lava spewing its way over hill and vale? What wouldn't be justified to prevent all that?

We know the mentality we are dealing with. We now have to be clear in asserting that we have no intention whatsoever of giving in to it.

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