Manning, Assange, Snowden? Why do the enemies of the open society love them?

The heart of socialism is the lie, said a very wise man. Why should we think the Left, which has always hated freedom, wants the best for us now?

by Yorker on 25 August 2013 17:53

Just get to the heart of the matter. The Guardian, its Leftist friends etc etc are playing the great victim over the Miranda airport detention affair. Yes, there's an issue to discuss. But in 200 words, here's why that issue is a total fake as far as they are concerned:

1) These people consistently support dictatorships around the world, just so long as they are anti-Western.

2) They are the splinter groups and (sad) people who never really recovered from the fall of the Berlin Wall.

3) They have a track record of supporting and/or apologising for Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot and other assorted genocidal maniacs.

4) They are the wanna-be dissidents they never could be, because, ultimately they aim at a highly restrictive, authoritarian society; and they control the "liberal"-establishment anyway.

5) Are you sick to death of these people? Sorry, but the BBC and the New York Times et al, love them..

As a codicil. Well worth re-reading Karl Popper's The Open Society and its Enemies...

Verdict: Don't be taken in by freedom haters who use freedom to advance their extremist agendas...

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