Euro madness lost in translation, except in German

The latest cretin level stupidity over Greece is funny, unless you're a German taxpayer... paying for it...

Why does Germany put up with this?
The Commentator
On 26 August 2013 12:21

There is definitely something funny about this, unless you're a German taxpayer about to foot the bill for Europe's (and Germany's political class's) total inability to face or even understand reality.

Now, here on the planet Earth, the euro is a failed single currency project causing mass social devastation across southern Europe. There have been many attempts to forge multi-national currency zones in Europe and beyond. All have ultimately failed. Rarely has failure been accompanied by this level of delusion.

The (totally neutral, you understand) BBC is reporting the following about the latest 10 billion euro bailout for Greece:

"Greece may need a third bailout but would not accept new austerity measures, the Greek finance minister has said."

Referring to Greek Finance MInister Yannis Stournaras, the BBC reported:

"... Greece would not accept any more forced spending cuts from its partners.

'"We are not talking about a new bailout but an economic support package without new [austerity] terms... until 2016, the targets - our obligations - have been set and other measures or targets cannot be required."

Let's just translate that, shall we? Here goes:

"Every single penny (euro-cent) that your people have forked out from their savings and taxes hasn't made a blind bit of difference. We were bankrupt; we're still bankrupt, and every single penny (euro-cent) you give us now will be flushed straight down the toilet, and you'll never see it again, ever, and we won't accept any conditions, and, btw, you can eff off. Still, we want your money, and Mrs Merkel, you're a Nazi if you don't give it to us."

Marvellous. When are we having that referendum on leaving the EU?

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