Australia shows way forward for UK Conservatives; and against for UK Leftists, er?

David Cameron must be loving it over Australia; and Ed Miliband must be fearful. And yet, what are the real lessons? Oz rules mean nothing for Britain, that's what

by Kangaroo King on 7 September 2013 15:13

I've always got a cold one in the fridge. Have you? Here in Oz, this is a great time to come around to Alice Springs. At your service. But what does it all mean for you Pommies? The Conservatives have wiped the Lefties out. Struth!

Here's how they did it, and here's how they didn't:

1) They won because Labor leader and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd knifed his own brother in the back for the leadership of his party, and then lost all credibility. Oops, that's not true, that's Britain. Well, he wasn't the PM then (neither was Miliband, or ever will be?), but you get the picture...

2) Labor lost because they played hard on new Conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott's alleged sexism. Er, no. Kevin Rudd ousted Labor PM Julia Gillard, because she was a woman. No, that's not right either. It was for purely opportunistic reasons.

3) Is Ed Miliband listening? "What? Opportunist, me?"

4) The Conservative candidate swept to victory for supporting old fashioned Conservative values, just like David Cameron in Britain, who, er, supports gay marriage, just like, er, Abbott, um, doesn't...

5) What does the Conservative victory in Australia mean for Britain?

Where's that cold beer and here's your answer... Whatever happened in Oz is completely irrelevant to politics in Britain. Got that?

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