Perspective? Iranian threats to rape Obama's daughter if he intervenes in Syria

Not saying this influenced any decisions, but this does give you perspective on what the West is dealing with over Iran

by MidEast watcher on 10 September 2013 16:15

This is truly disgusting, but it is the reality of modern day Iran. The Commentator's friends at The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) deserve and get the credit for alerting the world to this and catching the regime red handed. Don't hold your breath about this being reported on the BBC or CNN.

The Iranian regime used one of its loyal and prominent supporters -- a stooge of the Supreme Leader --  to offer a message that may upset you, but should not stop you from sharing.

Not saying Obama and company were influenced by this, but it surely tells you something. Central points of Memri's headline about what Obama might face are:

"If You Attack Syria, Your Daughter Sasha Will Be Raped, Relatives Of U.S. Officials Will Be Kidnapped And Dismembered."

Just read the story, and pass it on.

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