Calling all Eurosceptics!

The Campaign for an Independent Britain is hosting a film festival for Eurosceptics. Get involved!

The Commentator
On 6 September 2011 15:13

Political campaigning is changing - in a big way. While the United Kingdom still lags behind in terms of freedom of the airwaves for political campaigns, in effect this is now a moot point. People take to YouTube, Vimeo and Viddler in their millions to create and spread clips promoting their beliefs or campaigns.

The Campaign for an Independent Britain is taking advantage of this and crowd-sourcing videos for a "better Europe".

This will obviously attract a lot of Eurosceptics - many of whom find their political home right here at The Commentator, though there are also "Eurorealists" in our midst who are deeply concerned with the anti-democratic moves by the EU of the last decade but who also see the strategic benefit of a (VERY much-reformed) pan-European structure to hold in check a continent that has been unable to prevent internecine war for centuries.

We are pro-democracy to the core, which is why we understand that in order to have a democracy, you need a "demos". That is why the nation state must take primacy in whatever international clubs we choose to join. Let a thousand flowers bloom in terms of debate on this matter. We are a debating forum with various views expressed and encouraged. Speaking of debate, back to social media and political campaigning.

In accepting YouTube clips, mobile phone movies, or something produced to professional standards, the Campaign for an Independent Britain seeks to encourage submissions on policy, aspects thereof or on institutions or the European Union as a whole. A great idea in our minds!

They are encouraging submissions from groups and individuals from across the continent and around the world. Consider the British public’s attitude towards the EU: it is generally somewhat sceptical for a familiar set of historical, cultural and economic reasons.

However, when we compare that to another country, such as Croatia, the reasons so many citizens have deep reservations about their country’s impending accession to the EU are entirely different.

The Campaign for an Independent Britain Film Festival has no particular political alignment and it is anticipated that both supporters and participants in the festival may have varying degrees of political disagreement on other matters.

The uniting of different individuals, groups and organisations, who may be in opposition in other cases, will only aid the movement, develop a cultural awareness and forge an understanding of the contrasting reasons people have for their adopted viewpoint on the European Union.

This is a great project and one which we at The Commentator felt deserved a plug!  You can also vote on the movies uploaded. Now everyone can appreciate and acknowledge varying reasons for Euroscepticism, in Britain, on the continent and around the globe.

In addition to the website, which can be found at, you can follow the festival on Twitter ( or ‘Like’ it at

Debate. It's as simple as that!

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