Greece's Golden Dawn uses 9/11 to degrade Jews (Warning: this is very nasty stuff)

Third largest party in Greece promotes Jew hatred of the kind that original Nazi predecessors would not have balked at

by The Commentator on 13 September 2013 14:25


Decent people do not need a break-down of the rights and wrongs of what follows. Be aware that Golden Dawn is the third largest party in the Greek parliament, and retains its double double digit support among the public. It hates Jews, non-whites, gays, and everyone who is not like them.

What you are about to read is from their own website (third item down) and those they link to as supporters. As a precursor, and mindful that this is the third most powerful force in Greek politics, here is what one of their featured comments (they don't let this happen by accident) said of 9/11 and the Jews:

"Zionist think they will rule forever. In fact they will pay for killing millions and millions of European people! And they scream their fake Holocast (sic) shit everyday! They will pay for every suffering and death they ever caused! Golden Dawn will prevail! Hail Golden Dawn!"

Remember, this is the third biggest party in Greece.

Here is what they linked into for their readers on the annversary of 9/11. Under the headline: "The Jew Doesn't Fight his own battles":

"World Zionism is the architect of global terrorism, the man behind the curtain if you will. Ever since the establishment of the terrorist state of Israel in 1948, there has been a major increase in violent terrorist acts across the globe. The world has plunged into an era of chaos, destruction, war, tyranny and strife, and all this satanic madness can be traced back to International Jewry’s doorstop, Tel Aviv. Israel is engaged in a global “strategy of tension,” a maniacal effort designed to drive a wedge between the Western world and the Islamic world. International Jewry will continue to exacerbate and exploit the contrived divisions between the West and the Islamic world, Christianity and Islam, until they achieve their final objective –- the annihilation of the hated Gentiles and eventual world domination."

Unfortunately, there's a lot more like this. And what is the world doing about it? That would be The Commentator's next news item....

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