It's all falling apart: End of the world?

Just try and put all this together: Russia rules; America lost in space; BBC in love with a totalitarian nun; Harvard University offers idiot prize to mad dictator; Greek Nazis in ascendancy

by the commentator on 14 September 2013 15:27

We do our best. But sometimes, when we put it all together, we really feel the urge to leg it to a log cabin in the Northwest Territories of Canada and just forget the whole thing. How would you collate your thinking on this?

We're offering some of our most recent stories. Please read and share. But then, help us to work out how we explain what is going wrong with our world. We value your thoughts. So:

1) Is Russia's world the one you really want to live in? The West may be in retreat, but the enemies of freedom just aren't

2) BBC hails "radical" Spanish nun who wants to turn the West into North Korea

3) Barking mad dictator of Belarus gets award for preposterous innovations in oppression

4) Third largest party in Greece uses 9/11 and Yom Kippur to slam Jews for world's problems, pledges payback

There really are ways to put this together and form a coherent view of our world. Are any of them good?

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