Top British Conservatives grovel to Islamist agenda over veils

The quite indescribably politically correct, poor, foolish "Conservative" UK Home Secretary misses the Muslim veil issue in spectacular, yet telling, fashion... as it were...

Groveller in chief of English law
the commentator
On 17 September 2013 16:02

It is still technically possible that this isn't true. It comes from the Independent Newspaper, a bastion of political correctness in Britain, and a poor second cousin in that regard to the Guardian. But past form with British Conservative Theresa May, Home Secretary -- meaning the most senior minister in charge of legal matters -- suggests it probably is true.

After the horrific ruling yesterday against equality before the law by an English judge over a female Muslim defendant's "right" not to be seen in Court except by the judge, lawyers and jury -- public scrutiny for niqab wearers thus abolished -- here is what she has boiled it all down to:

"I start from the position that I don't think Government should tell people, I don't think the Government should tell women, what they should be wearing.

"I think it's for women to make a choice about what clothes they wish to wear, if they wish to wear a veil that is for a woman to make a choice."

For crying out loud. This is a so-called Conservative, a top one at that. She thinks this is a fashion issue? Actually, not quite. It's worse than that. She is clearly and self-consciously threading her grovelling through the, "it's a woman's right to choose" paradigm that is one of the siren calls of the political Left especially on the abortion issue, on which we have no strong views by the way.

Yes, there are the pro forma items she relates about the appropriateness of wearing the veil at borders, for example. But May has form, and her comments did not arrive in the UK media without malice a forethought. She knew what she was doing and saying; she knew where and to whom those remarks would go.

Not so long ago, she used her powers to ban entry to the UK by Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller. Both are tough, highly controversial Americans with a record of hitting hard at Islamist extremism. But banning them from entry to Britain? Because it might offend? Offend, whom?

Theresa May knows the answer to that question. And you do too, right? What a miserable state of affairs.

And if you want a praisie of what this portends, see this quotation from Robin Shepherd (Owner and founder of The Commentator), and, if you agree, read and share the article of which it is the concluding moment:

"How do you remain intellectually honest and supportive of a law-based Western-style society while simultaneously trying to reach a deal with those whose existential requirements are antithetical to your core traditions?"

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