UKIP has lost 38 percent of MEPs since 2009

This is a high rate of attrition. UKIP has to explain this, and also what it has done for Britain, an influential Conservative eurosceptic asks

by Sir John Redwood MP on 24 September 2013 16:23

UKIP have now lost 38 percent of their elected MEPs since 2009 with the departure of Mr Bloom from their party. This is an unusually high rate of loss. Parties are prone to lose the odd one or two representatives, but the attrition rate is usually in low single figure percentages.

In my recent post on UKIP I pointed out that 4 of the 13 MEPs elected in 2009 for UKIP had left the party. That should now read 5, as today Mr Bloom has left to become an independent MEP.

I would welcome explanations from UKIP supporters who are always so keen to highlight the problems in other parties. It will naturally lead people to ask who and what they are voting for if their choice of party cannot even be sustained for a single Parliament by such a large proportion of the representatives.

I would also welcome information on what the UKIP MEPs have achieved for us.

(Those departing were Bloom, Campbell Bannerman, Sinclaire, Andreasen and Nattrass. 2 have joined the Conservatives, and one is an independent)

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