Dishonest, disrespectful BBC distorts "Thatcher's" views on EU

Quite apart from the blatant pro-EU timing for the Conservative Party conference, it's the BBC's utter disdain for Margaret Thatcher that comes shining through (SEE UPDATE BELOW)

by BBC Nemesis on 30 September 2013 20:19

This is a mean, nasty, dishonest and small-minded piece by the BBC, plainly timed for the Conservative Party conference to portray Margaret Thatcher as being far from the euro-sceptic EU-rejectionist that many modern-day Conservatives consider her to be.

Before coming to what passes as the substance, note the sheer disrespect and contempt that the writer -- Laurence Peter -- uses to describe her. At first reference (after Margaret Thatcher) she is referred to as Lady Thatcher. At every subsequent reference, it's just "Thatcher". Meanwhile, David Cameron is Mr. Cameron. Lord Powell is Lord Powell. Jacques Delors is Mr. Delors, and so on.

Every Briton who remembers the 80s when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister remembers how those who hated her used to spit out "Thatcher" with the emphasis on "Tha" as a sign of contempt. Read it here and you will see what I mean. Really, read it. It's unbelievable.

The so-called substance is pure rubbish. In a nutshell, long before it was clear that the EU really was heading towards the anti-democratic superstate it now plainly aspires to become, Lady Thatcher did have reservations (the Bruges Speech of course) but did not aim at quitting the EU.

If we know anything about Margaret Thatcher, we know that her views would have moved with the times while her bedrock values would have remained intact. And we know that because her principles were clear. But for the BBC, she's just "Thatcher"; her memory to be abused; her name treated with contempt. Shameful...

(UPDATE: Readers of this piece have written to us saying they have written to the BBC asking for an explanation and a corrected story. The BBC has said and done nothing. They think they can get away with anything, and in modern Britain they obviously can...) 

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