Killing off the Christians. We won't ignore it. Will you?

We're quite happy to get the slating we do in Britain for highlighting Jihadi massacres. In fact, we're going to round up the latest and ask you to share. Just to put it in the PC crowd's face

by the commentator on 1 October 2013 15:20

Regular, or even irregular, readers will have noticed that we have a run quite a few pieces on the Jihadi slaughter of Christians in the MidEast and beyond recently. This is pretty much unheard of in the British media. Yes, now and again... but don't overdo it! That's the message we get even from the more sympathetic types.

No! We will "overdo it". And we'll keep overdoing it until this issue gets the attention it deserves. If you're of the same mind, please go out of your way to share this as far and wide as possible. We won't bend to the prevailing winds of British and European political correctness, and we hope you won't either.

So, here are some headlines with links. You know what to do:

1) New day, new Jihadi massacre...

2) That was last weekend's Jihadi slaughter. This weekend's?

3) Desecration of Christianity in Syria

4) Christian leaders attack Jewish state, but remain close to silent on Christian MidEast extinction

5) The sex Jihad?

6) Back in Britain: The Muslim veil in court of law

Well, you can probably see why the politically correct crowd -- and not just on the Left (!) -- doesn't like us. How about putting this right in their faces? Facebook, email, twitter etc. As we said, you know what to do.... And thanks from the team for your support.

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