Kick Ken Clarke out before his EU fanaticism does even more damage

Ken Clarke has long played the Tories' affable fool. His latest nonsense on the EU should have him kicked out of the party, let alone the government. He's a gift to UKIP, at just the right time, right?

by James Halling on 1 October 2013 18:39

Come on David Cameron. You've been insulted by a fool, a fool who opens his big mouth only to create another 50,000 UKIP voters every time he does it. That would be Ken Clarke, affable Minister Without (a brain and a) Portfolio, and EU fanatic.

At the Conservative Party Conference on Tuesday he said sarcastically about the Prime Minister (quotes courtesy of the Telegraph):

"“I can go to Washington and lobby congressman and I probably have the standing a junior senator from Arkansas ...The Prime Minister probably is only the senior statesman from Arkansas. When he gets down to this kind of thing, the nitty gritty of… interest rates, public procurement... you need the clout of the European Union."

The interest rate bit means he thinks we should join the euro of course, which betrays a double ignorance since the Fed and the ECB are independent and political leaders can't lobby each other on interest rates anyway.

Procurement, mainly, but not only, meaning in defence, is also decided at the national not the EU level. Does this guy know anything?

Clarke also attacked the idea we should withdraw from the European Arrest Warrant etc, which today means that you could be arrested and effectively renditioned to Romania if some mafia gang there wants to bribe a judge for whatever trumped up charge you've been accused of.

What's wrong with extradition, of the kind we have with the US?

Clarke is a dunce; a throw back; but also a danger. He's locked in a 1970s image of the EU and is clueless about what it has become. All that would be fine (sort of). But this fool is a Conservative minister at a time when UKIP scoops up Tory votes without even working for them.

Having said that, with someone like Ken Clarke hanging around, it isn't altogether surprising, is it? How long can David Cameron allow this to continue? Frit?

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