Mail on Sunday apologises to Ed Miliband. But when will the British Left apologise for decades of support for communist tyranny?

The UK right-leaning media is tangling itself in knots over the Ed Miliband Marxist dad story. The only people not saying sorry right now are the Marxists! What a farce...

by Yorker on 3 October 2013 14:33

I'm going to make this quick (and a bit shouty) because quietly argued, lengthy explanations apparently don't sink in. As many readers will know, the Daily Mail this week attacked Labour leader Ed Miliband via his late father, a prominent Marxist, whom the paper said was ideologically driven to be disloyal to Britain.

That provoked a storm of faux indignation from the Left in general, though one can hardly be surprised about a son defending his late father. It got worse today when the Mail on Sunday was forced to apologise for sending out reporters to a Miliband family memorial service, persumably in the hope of digging up some dirt on Ed Miliband's father.

Did these people have their brains removed? The horrendous history of British Leftist support for communist tyranny isn't about this year's leader of the Labour Party. It's about a decades long history of revolting contempt for the tens of millions of people that communism murdered. And when have the massed ranks of British Leftist apologists ever expressed shame or contrition, or even acknowledged their guilt?

For goodness sake, that is what the Mail should be reporting week in week out. But turning it into a superficial party political dog-fight centring on one man and his dad, they've trivialised something significant and they've let these contemptible poeple off the hook. Can I make that any clearer? The only people not saying sorry right now are the Marxists!

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